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Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 | General, Theory

Finally! My first journal article, which is co-written with Andrew Morrison, has now been published by the International Journal of Design. This is an open-access journal, so the article is free for everyone to download as a PDF. The article is entitled ‘Navimation: exploring time, space & motion in the design of screen-based interfaces’. Here is the abstract:

Screen-based user interfaces now include dynamic and moving elements that transform the screen space and relations of mediated content. These changes place new demands on design as well as on our reading and use of such multimodal texts. Assuming a socio-cultural perspective on design, we discuss in this article the use of animation and visual motion in interface navigation as navimation. After presenting our Communication Design framework, we refer to relevant literature on navigation and motion. Three core concepts are introduced for the purpose of analysing selected interface examples using multimodal textual analysis informed by social semiotics. The analysis draws on concepts from multiple fields, including animation studies, ‘new’ media, interaction design, and human-computer interaction. Relations between time, space and motion are discussed and linked to wider debates concerning interface design.

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