Presentation: Bouvet

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 | Events, General | 2 Comments

Today I presented my project for the Norwegian company Bouvet, which describes itself as “a provider of consultancy and development services within information technology”. About 20 people with background from dissimilar fields such as graphic design, information architecture and anthropology attended the session.

My presentation (in Norwegian): Grensesnitt i bevegelse

The reactions to my presentation were quite diverse. Someone argued that navimation is technologically difficult, expensive and time consuming to develop, while others argued that the technological constrains are not the real problem: rather the problem may be in our heads, related to attitude.

It was interesting to hear about the relationship between the design/development consultancy and the business customers. Naturally, the customers do not want to spend money on anything that appears “useless”, and this often results in rather conventional solutions. On the other hand, companies with plenty of resources are not afraid of taking some chances, and are thereby more willing to explore new types of interfaces.

However, Navimation is not useless or superficial styling, but can be used for functional as well as communicative purposes. I was happy to get good feedback at Bouvet, and also pleased to get some interesting links and tips to follow up in my research.

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