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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009 | Design and research, Events, General, Navimation examples

Yesterday I presented my paper on Social Navimation at the NORDES conference Engaging Artifacts. I used the online presentation tool Prezi to create the visual presentation, which includes videos of interfaces I have designed. The videos are also available at the Design page.

How to see the presentation: use the buttons in the lower right corner. The second button opens the presentation in full screen, while you push the button to the right to go further in the presentation.

Social Navimation is the phenomenon of engaging with social media through a navimational interface, or more specifically, to intertwine navigation with motion in
social media applications. In this paper I analyse a set of design examples of how social navimation can be realised.

I got a lot of positive comments after the presentation, especially on the visual presentation. Overall I am happy with the Prezi tool, even if I have discovered some bugs. It took me quite some time to make the presentation, but now I know the tool and will definitely use it for future presentations.

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[…] A few days ago I presented my paper Social Navimation: engaging interfaces in social media, at the NORDES design research conference Engaging Artifacts in Oslo. In the presentation I analysed a set of design experiments that show how specific features of navimation can be used in social media applications. I got a lot of positive feedback after the presentation, which was made using the online presentation tool Prezi. Read more about social navimation and see the presentation at Navimation Research. […]

September 3, 2009

Utrolig vakker og gjennomført presentasjon. Og morsomt at Navimation presenteres gjennom – vel – navimation. Mer, mer!

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