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The public defence of my PhD thesis took place at AHO, December 22. The thesis, entitled Navimation: a sociocultural exploration of kinetic interface design is now available online, through AHO’s open access archive ADORA.

The thesis consists of a metareflection (kappe) and three publications. All publications have gone through peer-review and have been published before. The metareflection situates and extends these publications by providing more theoretical background and introducing new concepts and models.

Download the documents below:



MetareflectionEikenes, J.O.(2010). Navimation: a sociocultural exploration of kinetic interface design. Doctoral thesis, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Institute of Design, Oslo. 

Download the metareflection (4,69 MB)


Publication 1

Publication 1Eikenes, J.O. and A. Morrison (2010). Navimation: Exploring time, space & motion in the design of screen-based interfaces. International Journal of Design, 4(1), 1-16. 

Download Publication 1 (1 MB)

Also available from The International Journal of Design..


Publication 2

Publication 2Eikenes, J. O. (2009). Social navimation: Engaging interfaces in social media. Paper presented at Engaging Artifacts. The 3rd Nordic design research conference (NORDES). 31 August-1 September. 

Download Publication 2 (0,6 MB)

Also available from NORDES.


Publication 3

Publication 3Eikenes, J.O.(2010). Connecting motional form to interface actions in web browsing: Investigating through motion sketching. FORMakademisk, 3(1), 80-100. 

Download Publication 3 (1,4 MB)

Also available from FORMakademisk. I have also created an online version with embedded videos.

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